New CD "Zipflo Weinrich In    Los Angeles" with Kuno Schmid Bob Mintzer, Alex Acuna, Peter Erskine, Phillip Ingram,Kevin Axt and
Zipflo Weinrich      

2009-11-04 – "Merci" in neuem Kleid

……Right from the start the four musicians presented their incredible tempo and tight sound. The violin bow virtually flies across the

Strings. The violin sings out and pleads in the high registers. 

All musicians get to play their  soli. ZW is a band leader who can stand back and give his fellow musicians their freedom…..


Last but not least there are those songs where ZW uses his violin

almost like an electric guitar. ……

Hier he holds his violin like a guitar and does not use his bow

but hits the strings with his thumb. With vibrato and sliding

he uses stylistic elements typical of a guitar, and exploits the

tonal possibilities of a violin to ist limits…..


….In general, the concert makes all musical boundaries disappear

and the audience is treated to a crossover of the special kind.